Captain Fallah and Omar Hasoon
Accomplished and dedicated equestrians. Their passion has expanded to encompass the Jordanian Community as outstanding role models, leaving an imprint in the field of equestrian sports among a wide range of generations.
Captain Fallah’s Birthday: 23 February 1965
Captain Omar’s Birthday: 27, July, 1995.

Captain Fallah Hasoon’s Achievements in 2017
Ramadan Championship, 1st place, 110cm
Dunia Arab Championship, 2nd place, 125cm
Abu Zaghleh Championship, 2nd place, 125cm
Christmas Championship- 9th place, 120cm
Ramadan Championship, 10th place, 130cm
Ramadan Championship, 10th place, 130cm
Ramadan Championship, 11th place, 130cm
Ramadan Championship, 13th place, 110cm
Sun City Camp, 14th place, 125cm

Omar Hasoon’s Achievements in 2017
Christmas Championship- 1st place, 120cm
Abu Zaghleh Championship, 1st place, 125cm
Abu Zaghleh Championship, 5th place, 125cm
Ramadan Championship, 6th place, 110cm
Ramadan Championship, 6th place, 130cm
Ramadan Championship, 6th place, 110cm
Ramadan Championship, 7th place, 130cm
Dunia Arab Championship, 9th place, 125cm
Ramadan Championship, 10th place, 110cm
Ramadan Championship, 11th place, 110cm
Sun City Camp, 11th place, 125cm
Sun City Camp, 13th place, 125cm
Dunia Arab Championship, 15th place, 125cm
Ramadan Championship, 18th place, 110cm
Ramadan Championship, 19th place, 110cm

2018’s Achievements
Classic Car- 1st and 4th place, 120 cm
Havenz Championship, 1st place, 120cm
Havenz Championship, 1st and 4th place, 110cm
Zain Championship, 2nd place, 135cm
Classic Car Championship, 3rd place, 125cm
Captain Fallah and Omar Hassoon's Stack
    FA Multivitamin AM & PM Formula