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• St. Beach Classic Half Marathon Champion and course record holder (Florida)
• Princeton half Marathon Champion & course record holder (New Jersey)
• Top 30: 2017 Chicago Marathon in 2:25:09
• Top 15: 2017 Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon in 1:09:00
• Tied for 8th place out of more than 10,000 runners in the 2017 Vancouver Half Marathon in 01:09:57.0
• Placed 8th out of more than 3,000 runners in the 2017 Miami Marathon (Elite Full Marathon listings)
• Placed 24th out of more than 25,000 runners at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2016 in 2:27:35 (here)
• 2017: Chicago Marathon: 2:25:09 (Top 30)
• 2017: Philadelphia Rock In Roll Half Marathon: 1:09:00 (Top 15)
• 2017: Vancouver Half Marathon: 1:09:57 (tied for 8th place)
• 2016: Haspa Marathon, Hamburg, Germany: 2:27:35

Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh, one of the top-ranked runners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), currently trains with the Mammoth Track Club and is coached by Andrew Kastor. Mo’ath’s goal is to represent Jordan in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. He serves as Beirut Marathon Ambassador, representing the Beirut Marathon Association internationally, and has been honored for his work contributing to peace building through running and other sport, most recently as a recipient of the 2017 Athletes in Excellence Award of the Foundation for Global Sports Development. Mo’ath is recognized for his ability to inspire young people to lead positive change in their communities, both in the Middle East and in the US.
Mo’ath grew up in Jordan and started his running career while an undergraduate at NYIT in New York, where he also received a master’s degree. While at NYIT he ranked in Top 5 for two consecutive years (2009, 2010) in USA East Coast Conference Championship and in 2008, was NYIT Star Athlete of the Year. In 2011 he was the East Coast Conference Men’s Runner of the Week three times. After graduating from NYIT in 2011 with an M.S. in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations, Mo’ath is working as Business Analyst at Princeton University.
2017 Athletes in Excellence Award, US-based Foundation for Global Sports Development
2017 Invited speaker, French Embassy, New York City – Sport for Society
2016 Selected for “Rodale 100”: 100 people positively impacting the world
2015 Selected for “50 Most Influential People” ’s World in Running, Runner
2015 Selected for international “Young Leaders Visitors Programme" of the Swedish Institute


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