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Challenger L- Arginine

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الفوائد: زيادة ضخ الدم للعضلات وتوسعة الأوعية الدموية وزيادة القدرة على التحمل خلال التمرين.
القيمة الغذائية: 1 غرام لكل حصة،
عدد الحصص: 120 حصة

Benefits: Challenger Nutrition’s L-Arginine capsules contain 1,000 mg per serving, the ideal amount for athletes and bodybuilders looking to maintain optimal health. Not only can L-Arginine improve your performance at the gym, but studies have also linked it to fewer muscle aches and pains, reduced risk of heart disease, preventing immune system disorders
Nutrition Value: 1g per serving.
Serving Size: 120 Servings